Ed Leake – God Tier Agency Scaling
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Ed Leake – God Tier Agency Scaling



Master Google Ads, deliver value and remain relevant in an automated world.
God Tier enables Google Ads professionals to quickly advance their skills, deliver consistent results and get rewarded for it.

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Hello , I’m Ed Leake.
I was among the first 0.00001% to have a domain name and make a website.

It would be logical to think that after all these years, I would know how to create a beautiful website.

This one will work.

You might be wondering… Who is Ed anyway?

Because I was a geek, I built my first website in 1996.
I have several decades of experience with this kind of internet stuff.
Over $200 million in advertising spend has been managed by me (and counting).
I am an Ad Tech builder, Saas product owner and Agency owner.
Midas Media has been in operation for over 12 years.
I acquired Adboozter in 2018.
Built AdEvolver to automate Google Ads accounts on a large scale so clients can call you happy.
Nerds are experts in their field.

My services include PPC (pay per view advertising) and analytics. I help businesses grow from small to large. A lot of conversion optimization thrown in for good measure. Pun intended.

This is nerd power, not guru!

My business strategies and wins for clients are based on the information I share with them.

I am a committed workaholic, coffeeholic, and motorsportholic. But I refuse to admit to my addictions.