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Become a Certified Content Marketing Specialist… And Learn How To Create A Content Strategy That Drives More Visitors, Leads, And Sales!

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Finally, You’ll Have a Step-By-Step Plan For Turning Content Into…
Ordinary content marketers just don’t get it…

There was a time when having a blog was enough, but today (if you actually want to generate free, targeted traffic), you need to do more.

So how do you do it?

How do you build a “machine” that turns content into free, targeted traffic?

Fortunately, that’s exactly what you’re about to learn in this proven, step-by-step training…

FACT: Businesses Need Content Marketers
(Who Actually Know What They’re Doing)
I’m not going to sell you on the importance of content marketing.

If you’re here, you already know it’s an essential aspect of any digital marketing strategy, because content marketing:

Builds authority and credibility…
Engages and nurtures both prospects and customers by providing ACTUAL value, and most importantly it…
Enables your message to spread to new audiences organically (i.e. for free!)…
In other words, content marketing delivers traffic, leads and customers: The lifeblood of any business.

So that’s why businesses need content marketers.

Here’s a career-defining question for every entrepreneur, business owner, and the talented marketers that work for them…

…If there was a predictable, step-by-step method for attracting a steady surge of red-hot leads EVERY SINGLE DAY without the crippling “what the heck do I do next?” syndrome and (most importantly) without spending a single dime…

Would you finally feel confident enough to make creating a profitable content strategy your business’ #1 priority?

If your answer is “YES!” here’s what you need to know:

By the time you’re done, you’ll be uniquely qualified to help brands convert content into organic traffic and sales… automatically.

More specifically, you’ll be able to not only deliver fresh leads and customers… you’ll be able to deliver those leads and customers “organically”… even FREE!

Now, only one question remains:

What are YOU waiting for?

Deploy a Repeatable System for Building Content & Driving Traffic at Every Stage of the Customer Journey
Learn how to create your ideal Customer Avatar so you can architect a content strategy that easily attracts leads and buyers
The “GC = A” Content Marketing Formula that seamlessly connects the dots between content and sales
Identify the 4 core problems that plague virtually every business and how your content can remedy each one
Discover the 5 types of content you need in the “Awareness” stage to generate targeted leads and prospects

Master 4 content types that not only consistently drive leads, but convert those leads into serial, high-ticket buyers
Choose from 11 goals and 13 different types of content to create a content strategy that is laser-focused on moving the needle for your organization (building this content plan is a snap using our Content Marketing Plan worksheets)
Leverage 6 types of content that reduce churn, increase referrals and generate positive reviews (#4 will shock you)
Use easy to deploy content strategies that help you sell more… and more often
PLUS You’ll Know How To
Leverage 5 Types of Content & 7 Traffic Strategies to Boost Conversions & Generate Leads
There are 2 chief concerns when it comes to Content Marketing: WHAT are you going to create, and HOW are you gonna get eyeballs on it. In this newly updated Mastery Course, you’ll work through a step-by-step process to create content that is proven to generate leads, convert leads into first-time buyers, and sell more to the customers you already have.

Model Your Content on 28 World-Class Examples from Titans of Industry
Discover how companies like Ben & Jerry’s, Nordstrom, Ramsey Solutions, Casper Sleep, and Lowe’s generate BILLIONS of impressions per day using easy to replicate, proven content strategies.

Use 5 Content “Wrappers” to Curate Your Editorial Calendar
Knowing WHEN to publish content is just as important as the content itself. Content Marketing expert Russ Henneberry’s “content wrappers” will not only help you determine what type of content to publish, but when to publish to generate the best possible engagement.

Course Details

In this 8-hour course you’ll learn everything you need to know about content marketing. You’ll learn about the right type of content for the right visitor, and exactly how to distribute it!

Getting Started
Lesson 1: From the Author

Lesson 2: Here’s What to Expect

Lesson 3: Content Marketing: The What and Why

Lesson 4: The Content Marketing Formula

Lesson 5: Create a Customer Avatar

Lesson 6: Content Marketing and the Customer Value Journey

Lesson 7: The Most Dangerous Myth in Content Marketing

Lesson 8: The “Content Baton”

Content that Drives Awareness
Lesson 1: Content that Creates Awareness and Engagement

Lesson 2: Goals at the Awareness and Engagement Stages

Lesson 3: 5 Staple Content “Wrappers”

Lesson 4: Content-Type: Blog Article

Lesson 5: The 10-Point Blog Post Audit

Lesson 6: Content-Type: Podcast

Lesson 7: Content-Type: Video

Lesson 8: Content-Type: Social Update

Lesson 9: What Should My Post Be About?

Lesson 10: How Often Should I Post?

Lesson 11: How Should I Get Traffic to My Post?

Lesson 12: Engineering Engagement

Lesson 13: The Gate: From Awareness to Subscription

Content that Generates Leads
Lesson 1: Content that Generates Leads

Lesson 2: Goals at the Subscribe Stage

Lesson 3: Content-Type: Lead Magnet

Lesson 4: 7 Types of Lead Magnets

Lesson 5: The Squeeze Page

Lesson 6: 5 Ways to Funnel Traffic to Your Squeeze Page

Lesson 7: The 10-Point Lead Magnet Audit

Lesson 8: Content-Type: Event

Lesson 9: In-Person Events at the Subscription Stage

Lesson 10: Online Events at the Subscription Stage

Lesson 11: The “Left Turn”: From Subscriber to First-Time Buyer

Content That Sells
Lesson 1: Content that Sells More (and More Often)

Lesson 2: Goals at the Convert Stage

Lesson 3: Goals at the Ascend Stage

Lesson 4: Anticipating and Satisfying Intent

Lesson 5: Content-Type: Customer Story

Lesson 6: Content-Type: Product Demo

Lesson 7: Content-Type: Product Comparison

Lesson 8: Content-Type: Event

Lesson 9: The Gray Area Between Copywriting and Content Marketing

Lesson 10: Indoctrination and Onboarding: From Buyers to Loyal, Raving Fans

Content that Increases Retention & Loyalty
Lesson 1: Content That Increases Customer Retention & Loyalty

Lesson 2: Leveraging Awareness Content

Lesson 3: Content-Type: Welcome Email

Lesson 4: Content-Type: About Page

Lesson 5: Content-Type: Packaging and Package Inserts

Lesson 6: Content-Type: Support Documentation

Lesson 7: Content-Type: Events

Lesson 8: Digging a Competitive Moat with Content Marketing

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