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In this YouTube course you will learn how to grow your YouTube channel in every way possible!

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In this YouTube course you will learn how to grow your YouTube channel in every way possible!

No YouTube Experience Needed ✔

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This course includes:

SEO tricks to get views on your videos
Catchy thumbnails to get clicks
Growing a fanbase that will continuously watch your videos
Selling products to your viewers
Affiliate links
Brand Deals
How to edit your videos for high watch time (higher watch time more views)
Understanding how videos go viral
& More!
Making 6 figures a year doing what you love by making videos is a dream job for many people. But over 95% of YouTube fail and quit because of their mistakes that they make. As an 18 year old YouTuber with over 1,200,000 subscribers I want to teach you exactly how you can grow your YouTube channel and not come across those failures! I bought my dream car in less than 6 months doing youtube when I was 17 and with all the knowledge I have I will teach you how to grow your channel properly and quick!

Class Curriculum
Getting Started / Optimization For Growth
Introduction (3:08)
How You can Implement these tactics in your video (1:11)
What type of videos will get you the most views (3:02)
Optimizing your channel for fastest growth! (5:07)
Tools that you NEED for fastest growth! (3:20)
Why Looking At Analytics Help Grow Your Channel Fast (4:11)

Branding Yourself / Making money
Monetization (0:54)
Getting high CPM! (More Money per 1000 Views) (4:48)
How to join the right network that helps you grow (5:41)
Making your channel a brand to sell products (5:25)
Affiliate links on YouTube / Earn $ with links! (2:32)
Earning Money From Sponsors (With high payouts) (4:46)

SEO/Ranking videos to generate millions of views
What is SEO? & why are Youtubers getting views from it1 (3:16)
How to title your videos to get clicks & views! (9:16)
Tagging your videos for best results! (4:17)
How to get High Retention (Watch Time) On your videos! (6:15)
Getting ranked on youtube (6:59)
How a video can go viral on your channel! (Trends) (7:04)
How to get recommended on viral videos (Best way to gain a lot of views on YouTube) (8:18)
Fully optimize your videos (5:42)

Making Clickable thumbnails
What you need to know before making thumbnails (3:10)
Using photoshop (Making clickable thumbnails that get views) (14:37)
Hiring Someone To Make Your Thumbnails / Making Thumbnails Like big YouTubers Do (6:22)

Editing videos
How to edit videos intro (1:39)
Editing for high retention (6:34)
Record, Edit, Share
Transitions, Annotations & Behaviors
Animations & Effects
Editing Audio
Produce & Share
Importing Videos (0:50)

Copyright and preventing getting striked and terminated (important)
Preventing Copyright & Termination of your channel! (2:44)

Gaining subscribers
How To Gain Your First 1000 Subscribers Fastest Way Possible! (8:36)
How to grow past 10,000, 50,000 & 100,000 subscribers! (3:42)
Gaining subs from social media fast (2:12)

Outro (1:17)