Spanish by Let’s Speak Spanish Course
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Spanish by Let’s Speak Spanish Course



Learn Spanish by speaking the language naturally. | Spanish lessons.

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Let’s Speak Spanish is a Spanish course designed by Flavian Mc Donald and Eduardo Mendoza, certified teachers in English and Spanish with more than seven (7) years of experience in the teaching field.

Let’s Speak Spanish is designed under the methodology called “Natural Immersion”. This methodology was created by investigating how we all learn our mother tongue.

How you are going to learn with Let’s Speak Spanish:

Speaking and
Do not worry for the grammar since we are leaving behind all the struggles and confusion caused by unnecessary information about the grammar and rules of this beautiful language.

Speak Spanish easily, fluently and naturally from the first second of your course learning about interesting and useful topics.

Speak Spanish throughout our:

10 Chapters divided in 39 different classes.
More than 8 hours of fluent Spanish speaking.
Let’s Speak Spanish while you learn about the countries, food, culture and people who make Spanish one of the most beautiful languages in the world.


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