Chris Lori – AllStarFX Pro Trader Advanced FX Trading Course
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Chris Lori – AllStarFX Pro Trader Advanced FX Trading Course



Chris Lori’s Pro Trader Complete Forex Course is rated by many as the most comprehensive course in the forex trading marketplace.

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Chris Lori’s Pro Trader Complete Forex Course is rated by many as the most comprehensive course in the forex trading marketplace.

It is a fact that the most successful traders in the world have a comprehensive understanding of the market they are trading. In his forex course, using the Fibonacci Trader SRV software, Chris clearly explains multiple technical strategies that he uses to trade manage funds and combines countless unique fundamental and technical characteristics to help you increase your understanding of the forex market.

The Pro Trader Complete Forex Course is a unique blend of Fibonacci time and price relationships and pattern recognition. The course starts with the fundamental aspects of trading in the foreign exchange market explaining how the banks operate, how it is reflected in price action and how you can immediately identify the activity of the fund managers and banks. The course thoroughly explains strategies that Chris uses in his everyday trading as he walks through with you step by step approaches to identifying trades, specific price entry points, position management and risk control . Course Content Overview

More then 24hrs of lessons, simulated and recorded live trades

A manual that corresponds with CD presentation containing 600 Slides of a clear explanation on application of methods
Simulated trading scenario’s following the introduction of every new tool and strategy using Fibonacci Trader SRV software
Recorded live trades
How the banks work

See bottom of page for complete details of course content

Course Format

Practical Theory

Each section of the course begins with the practical theory and application of tools in a slide presentation with clear and specific examples of how the tools are applied. You will receive a manual with over 600 slides of theory and examples to follow along the course.

Every slide viewed in the CD presentation corresponds with a slide in the large manual for easy learning, note taking and drawing.

Simulated Examples

Each section that introduces a new tool or strategy is followed up with several simulated trading scenario to show specific examples of market dynamics when using the approach.

 Live Trading Examples

There are several live trading examples that show application of the methods taught when the market is in a live and dynamic environment. This is important so one can grasp the integration of the various tools in live market time.

What about Follow Up?

The course will include one month free of Chris’ All Star Traders Club at where you can view countless videos of live application and explanation of tools in current market conditions.

About Chris

Chris Lori is a registered CTA and proprietary Foreign Exchange Trader for Seaview Capital Inc. where he is President, and trades for private and institutional clients worldwide.

Chris’ trading strategies are a unique integration of Fibonacci ratio time and price relationships in pattern recognition. As he has throughout his trading career, Chris continues to spend countless hours identifying unique characteristics and pattern changes in price movement in the foreign exchange market.

Chris has shared his insights and techniques with traders and fund managers worldwide. The high demand for Chris as a speaker, trainer and fund manager has placed him on the global stage with frequent speaking engagements and workshops in Singapore, Australia, USA, Canada and Europe. Chris is a guest on Canada’s “Money Talks” Radio show, Singapore’s Radio 938, and has written articles for financial publications in Singapore, USA and Canada.

In 1988, Chris completed the Canadian Securities Course and has had a passion for trading in the financial markets ever since. Previous to his career as a fund manager, Chris competed in four Olympic Winter Games and won the prestigious Overall World Cup title in the sport of bobsleigh. Chris totaled nine Crystal Globes for Overall World Cup final standings and accumulated twenty-two World Cup Medals during an outstanding bobsledding career. Chris was a likeable model athlete in Canada where his success brought him celebrity status and high demand for appearances and endorsements.

On the financial front, Chris’ experience as a foreign exchange fund manager has inspired Chris to author educational materials for forex traders, such as; Pro Trader Advanced Course, Understanding Global Fundamentals for Foreign Exchange Traders, Strategies for Optimal Entry and Position Management, Scalping in the Forex Market, and Powerful Reversal Formations. Chris has also authored an e-book on the psychology of trading titled, “Face the Trader Within,” and an article titled “Foreign Exchange and Your Portfolio.”

It is clear that he harbors the psychological prowess that he acquired as a tenacious winner in Olympic sport that is essential for success in trading.

Chris continues to strive for excellence in his trading, fund management and mentoring career. He is a dynamic leader who fosters the importance of integrity, discipline and truth in trading and in life


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