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Everything you need to know about generating awesome leads. Ever wonder how some studios and freelancers wind up with the coolest projects? Learn how… here.

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Creatives need to do more than just create.

We all graduate from design school with the mindset that as long as we produce great work, more work will come. Unfortunately, that’s far from the truth. You have to be able to sell that work to people.
You need to make yourself known.

How do you start to sell your work to people? Before you can sell it to those people, you have to be able to reach them. And in order to reach them…well, you’ve got to learn more about them, and let them know who you are.
Your perfect client is out there.

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Yes, you have a product or service to sell, but you also have a brand to build. An inbound marketing strategy is an effective way to build your brand’s presence online, and show prospects and leads what you’re capable of.

What we can learn from How To Find Clients?
This course is a comprehensive guide to marketing ourself and generating the high quality leads we want. In this lecture series, Chris Do and Ben Burns will combine their decades of experience to teach us how to market ourselves and land the leads that will convert into business.

This is a class for new and newish designers looking to start their business and experienced designers looking to ramp up their business and the quality of their clients.

Know Who.
Know Where.
Marketing Channels for Designers.
In Conclusion.
Bonus Section – Resources.

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