Brian Dean – Seo That Works 3.0
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Brian Dean – Seo That Works 3.0



SEO That Works 3.0 (STW) is a time-limited course created by the American SEO expert Brian Dean. He is most known as the founder of the Backlinko blog. He began in 2010 and has built up an impressive business with lots of followers related to his SEO and traffic generating training course. This is the second revision of the course.

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In essence, he teaches you how to identify what successful websites are sharing and is linking to. He calls these people linkcreators – people who create links. Then you learn how to make similar content-rich pages, so-called Power Pages, which you end up trying to get links to.

Here is a list of the content of the SEO That Works 3.0 course:

  • Module 0: What’s working right now in SEO
  • Module 1: Your Linkreators
  • Module 2: Your Power Page
  • Module 3: Content Promotion and Link Building
  • Module 4: Optimize content for UX Signals
  • Insider Sessions
  • Bonuses