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In the Bob Proctor Living the Legacy Series Napoleon Hill, Bob fills a unique and enormous need in the personal development industry. He also reveals the secret golden thread to success that Napoleon Hill wove throughout Think and Grow Rich—the book that is responsible for creating countless millionaires.

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“There is one thing stronger than all the armies of the world, and that is an idea whose time has come.” Victor Hugo was right. When your idea is ready, no one’s going to stop it from blooming. Hello, this is Bob Proctor, and in this edition of the Freedom Series, I’ve decided to focus on the questions.

I hear most often in every seminar and certainly in the first few weeks of a new year – how to set goals, think about goals, act on goals, and successfully achieve one after another after another. Let’s face it – When we are just a few weeks into a new year, it is not difficult to find many people who are already discouraged with respect to their goals.
When we are approaching New Year’s Day, most people reflect on the year just passed and decide to make some changes.
These changes might just be tweaks or adjustments … let’s face it – if you look back over the last 12 months, you know many people who have enjoyed spectacular success – I certainly hope you did – but we all must recognize there’s always room for improvement.
But, we don’t have spectacular success every year. There are some years wewould just as soon forget about.
You might have struggled in some way last year and you’re tired of living with this THING, this circumstance that seems to grow every time you turn your back on it – of late, you might be comparing this issue to a forgotten bit of something in the back of your refrigerator – it might have seemed like a normal sort of thing way back when, but NOW it’s got some legs on it. It’s taken on a life of its own – and you want it OUT of yours.
Or, you might have noticed a lack in your life in time freedom, your relationships, your earnings, or other factors that would enhance your enjoyment of life – and you’ve decided it’s time to squelch that lack from your life completely…
But as the weeks roll on and yet another year gets underway with all its busy demands, you’re sensing some frustration or discouragement. You wonder how you’re EVER going to be able to break out, seize that goal of yours, and MAKE it yours.
I know you’re ready for that goal to happen in your life. And it’s ready for you, too. As Victor Hugo said in the quote I just mentioned, there’s not much you can do to stop an idea whose time has come. The very same holds true for your goals. There is absolutely NO WAY you can dream a new way of life for yourself without being personally capable of bringing that dream into reality.
I’ve never doubted this truth, and I don’t doubt it for you. Your goal isn’t too big for you. Your goal isn’t wrong for you. I think, instead, you might be cobwebbed in one way or more of the 13 Reasons Why Goals Fail. That’s exactly what I’m here to talk about. You can have the things you want … all of them. And you WILL have them when you understand and apply the rules of goal setting and achieving.
Now, there are 13 points I’ll be covering, but they fall into FOUR main goal achieving processes … … I’m willing to bet that as I list these processes, something deep inside you will recognize what – exactly – is causing the greatest rift between where you are and where you want to be. . .First, Why and How You’re Making This Goal Commitment. Second, The Act of Setting, and Prioritizing Your Goals.
Third, How to Shake Old Paradigms Loose That Keep Batting Your Goal Down. And Fourth, implementation and Execution.

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Alright, let’s dig right into this first process – Why and How You’re Making This Goal Commitment … now, one note: As I list these 13 points, understand that I’ve put them in a timeline order of usual goal setting processes – I believe the Number One reason why people don’t achieve their goals is much further down this list . . . so, let’s follow the process all the way through . . .
Number one: You begin to ask yourself why in the world you’re even bothering to set these goals. It’s a question you ask yourself more frequently as you begin to struggle with your goal. Stop asking why.
You’re supposed to set goals. Dissatisfaction with your life is a healthy, creative state of mind. We’re DESIGNED to be discontent! Constructive discontent is the very heart of motivation. In fact, one of the most dynamic laws of life is The Law of Creation and Disintegration.
Every expression of life is moving in one direction or another. Absolutely nothing will remain as it is. You are either improving the quality of your life, or you are taking away from it. The choice is yours. It is a decision only you can make. To make no decision is to make a decision.
To live a creative life, goals are essential. When you become sufficiently dissatisfied with your life as it is, you will begin to think of ways to improve it – you will decide on a goal.
As I tell people in my seminars, dissatisfaction has given us cars, trains and planes. It has taken us out of the cave and put us into the condominium. You would still be illuminating your home with a wax candle if Thomas Edison had not experienced a healthy dissatisfaction with the candle. Begin to think of how you are living, and what you are doing relative to what you are capable of with the potential you possess.
Keep thinking this way and you can be sure that dissatisfaction will set in – if it hasn’t come to roost already. As Abraham Maslow once pointed out, “If you plan on being anything less than you are capable of being, you will probably be unhappy all the days of your life.”
I read a great line once that said, “In the absence of clearly defined goals, we become strangely loyal to performing daily acts of trivia.” Goal achievers aren’t embroiled in daily acts of trivia. They’re interesting people. They are productive people. A goal achiever frequently accomplishes more with his or her life in one year than most people do in a lifetime.
That’s certainly how I WANT to live … it makes every experience so much more refreshing. You, too, are a perfect expression of an infinite power just as you are right now. For you, ALL things are possible! Once you become AWARE of this fact, interesting things begin to happen.
Every aspect of your life is a mirror reflection of your own level of awareness. Your improved results are always the expression of a higher degree of conscious awareness. A proper goal, then, will provide you with the necessary incentive to grow in awareness. Here’s the second reason why goals fail in the list of 13 Reasons Why Goals Fail. This, too, is part of the first process – Why and How You’re Making This Goal Commitment.
Number Two: Your personal values don’t support the goal. When you set goals without considering your values framework, you’ll either struggle endlessly to attain the goal, or you will actually end up with a goal that satisfies your want but somehow has you feeling not quite right about it. Value vs. Goal Conflict is one of the most common reasons why people do not take action on their goals.
As an example, you might set a goal to have more money, and an opportunity presents itself to steal a respectable sum where you know you would probably never get caught. Unless you’re completely without conscious – and I don’t believe anyone truly is – you might find this a HIGHLY detrimental path to embark upon in order toreach that goal. On what I hope is a more everyday example, consider. This is for anyone who loves Think & Grow Rich but hasn’t quite cracked the code to success…

The mysterious secret Napoleon Hill refers to in Think & Grow Rich – revealed on this page along with exactly how to use it to transform every aspect of your life. The trouble with other self help books & courses is they try to force you into a model that doesn’t work for you. Discover the REAL secret lying within the hallowed pages of Think & Grow Rich. Because I’m about to reveal this secret to you right here and now.

But first a warning…You may be tempted to dismiss this secret out of hand. It might seem ‘too simple’ or ‘too obvious’. But after studying this ‘success bible’ for 57 years, I can tell you without a doubt… this IS the secret to virtually ALL success you can possibly imagine. So allow yourself to accept for a moment, this might be THE secret you need to transform your entire life. Allow this to become a possibility.

It’s liberating. It’s life changing. The secret is…Every single one of the successful people Napoleon Hill spoke with was an action-taker. And every single successful person I know in today’s world is an action-taker. I am an action-taker. But not just any action… I’m talking about MASSIVE ACTION.

Don’t just take a small step towards your goals… CHARGE with all your might and do what it takes to achieve them.

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That’s how winning is done.

Living The Legacy is going to finally bridge the gap between Think & Grow Rich and YOUR success. It’s the summary of 57 years of studying the book, extracting the lessons and implementing them.

So YOU don’t have to go through all that trial-and-error. And no expense has been spared in the production of this program. This is not some guy sitting in a basement, recording himself with his phone. We sent in a full video team to capture Bob and his insights in minute detail, with Hollywood quality. This way, the information is not only useful – it’s entertaining and uniquely watchable. And when you genuinely enjoy watching this, you’ll watch for longer and retain the information better.

When you enroll in Living The Legacy:

  • You’ll suddenly gain the ability to create synchronicities that almost magically line up perfect situations – so it seems like the universe has your back, and bad luck becomes a thing of the past
  • You’ll see the distillation of my 57 years of continuous study & implementation of the secrets of Think & Grow Rich – into short, easy-to-digest chunks you can use every day.
  • In fact – this is far greater than my own research – Napoleon Hill invested years with the world’s most successful people, picked their brains and became close friends with them. He discovered what made them successful, put it all in the book, and I’m expanding on that vast well of success in Living The Legacy
  • Dive deep into each of the 13 principles of Think & Grow Rich like no other resource has ever done before. Many people have just read the book and made millions – think how easy it will be when you have 10x the insight into each chapter
  • It’s your ‘GPS for success’ – simply pick whichever area you want to work on, go to that module video, and your answer will be there
  • Revealed: The simple trick Andrew Carnegie taught Napoleon Hill on that fateful night… a trick that enabled Hill to by far surpass his achievements and it can create astounding success in your life too, once you start practicing it
  • Here’s PROOF: I used that simple trick to go from absolutely nothing to having a company with offices around the world, all through the power of the mind, and of the belief this trick, an easy thing anybody can do, installed in me
  • You’ll finally begin to create your own reality… and not only that, but for the first time you’ll be in full conscious control of the process, and you’ll call the shots as to exactly what you manifest in your life
  • And best of all you’ll finally be Master Of Your Domain. Captain of your own ship. Living a life that’s deliberately chosen based on what you want, rather than drifting aimlessly or caught up drama and scarcity. You will be unleashed upon the world

Lesson Overview Section

WELCOME – Sandy Gallagher

The Power Of Decision – The story of Living The Legacy with Bob Proctor. A brief but informative introduction to the amazing transformations you’re about to experience.


Brian Proctor

An insight into the Proctor family with Bob’s son, Brian. Find out what makes Bob Proctor tick and why he’s so passionate about Think & Grow Rich.

1 – The Legacy Begins

Learn the story of how Bob picked up Think & Grow Rich in October, 1961. and has made this book the subject of his life’s work, so YOU can enjoy success in every area of your life.

2 – Desire

Desire can’t be found under a rock, it’s built by conscious thought. Every single human on the planet has the raw materials to create whatever they desire. In this module, Bob shows us how to ignite that burning desire within, and how to fan the flames of success with concrete steps toward reaching it.

3 – Faith

Faith is how we tap into infinite intelligence and become driven to succeed. In this lesson. Bob shows how Faith can induce a response from Infinite Intelligence and open the door to your own limitless potential.

4 – Autosuggestion

In this module. Bob shares the one vital ingredient to make auto-suggestion work in our everyday lives. This is why it works amazingly well for some, but doesn’t seem effective at all for others. The simple secret is revealed here.

5- Specialize Knowledge

Knowledge alone will not attract the extraordinary life you desire unless you put that knowledge into action. In this module. Bob reveals how the saying ‘knowledge is power’ is vastly incomplete and how you can leverage what you already know.

6 – Imagination

We all have the ability to create our own environment. The only thing stopping us is we don’t know how to turn what we see in our minds, into reality. In this lesson. Bob shows us how to break the shackles and reach the true heights of our imagination. All you need is the burning desire to make it happen.

7 – Organized Planning

If you don’t make your own plans for success, somebody else will make your plans for their success. In this lesson. Bob shows us how to turn your desires into concrete action steps. This is the real life practical application of Think & Grow Rich.

8 – Decision

What is the one attribute that all who live extraordinary lives have in common? Without fail, each of those individuals has the powerful ability to reach DECISIONS quickly and the equally potent habit of changing those decisions slowly… rather than being influenced by unimportant stuff happening around you.

9 – Persistence

In this segment. Bob shows how two important ‘energetic ingredients’ can be combined to blast through even the toughest obstacles we all encounter. Bob shares how a powerful foundation of persistence can be created and reveals the simple mindset shift needed to succeed.

10 – Power Of The Mastermind

When that effort is produced by two or more people, working together with specific goals, your results can be astounding. In fact one thing in common with every successful person – whether from Hill’s day or modern times – they all credit Masterminds as being a core foundation of their success. Bob explains how this works in detail.

11 – The Mystery Of Sex Transmutation

The meaning of the word “transmute’ is. in simple language, “the changing, or transferring of one element, or form of energy, into another”. Sex transmutation is re­directing the mind from thoughts of physical expression to thoughts of another creative effort. Doing this can transform average results into amazing successes.

12 – Subconscious

In this module. Bob illustrates how thesubconscious mind influences every single thing we do each day. He demystifies the path of our own powerful thoughts and shares how they land in the subconscious mind by our own approval — whether we’re aware of it or not.

13 – The Brain

Your brain is both a broadcasting and receiving station for the vibration of thought. Just like a 2-way radio, every brain is capable of picking up vibrations of thought which are being released by others. In this lesson. Bob shows us that even the smallest spikes of negativity are present because we’re activating negative cells in our brain. And when you’re feeling good, it’s because we’re activating positive cells. By illustrating exactly how we take the helm of our own thoughts. Bob inspires us to take control of this most extraordinary tool., known as the human brain.

14 – The Sixth Sense

In this lesson. Bob reveals that the Sixth Sense is a powerful key to all of Napoleon Hill’s discoveries. He shares how “hunches’ and “inspirations’ can flash onto the screen of your mind, bringing life­changing visions and valuable steps toward finding your destiny. The only thing you need to remember here is the lessons you’ve learned in previous modules.

15- The Ghosts SummationW Of Fear

Fear stops more people than anything else, and it all comes from indecision. In this chapter. Bob reveals how we can move past our fears and enjoy success in spite of them. If you don’t intimately understand the nature of your fears, you’ll never achieve the life that you desire.

16 – Summation

This final module is all about your next steps. The action you need to take, to flip your brain on to the frequency it needs to be on. to attract everything you want into your life. How to connect the information you’ve learned in the program, into tangible, real-life results. Because that’s why you’re studying this program – to get the results in your life.