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Discover How To Sell Brand Name Products On Amazon… With ZERO Advertising Spend, Without New Products, and Without Creating New Listings!

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How To Create A Profitable Amazon FBA Business

By Selling What ALREADY Sells…

WITHOUT A Warehouse, Without Employees, And Without a Customer Service Team!

What’s In The Course?

You’re going to get 10 modules of actionable info-packed content… (+ 2 bonus  modules!)

1 Introduction

Overview of Selling on Amazon

Setting up Legal Business

Setting up Your Amazon Seller account

Navigating thru Seller Central – Getting Used to your seller account

FBA VS FBM – How should you fulfill your products

2 How to get sales

The Buy Box – How to Position yourself to get all the sales

How the Buy Box Rotates – how to know who your real competitors are

How to send products to Amazon FBA warehouse

How to “list” your units in Amazon’s Catalog

How to Monitor the Buy Box and Manage pricing to sell at the highest price

3 Product Research

How to utilize sales rank –  to understand how many sales your products will get

How to understand price history for your products

How to understand sales rank history – to understand how long your products will sell for

Understand all fees involved

4 Sourcing

Sourcing Overview

What is an Authorized Supplier?

Where to find the products from the suppliers?

All The Different Types Of Suppliers

How Many Suppliers Do You Need?

5 Finding Suppliers

Strategy #1 – Strategy that is looking at you right in the eyes

Strategy #2 – Old methods still work

Strategy #3 – The most secretive process of finding suppliers

Strategy #4 – Old methods still work #2

Strategy #5 – A very overlooked strategy

6 Vetting Out Suppliers

How to Know when you got a good one?

What to ask the suppliers

Common red flags to be looking for

Secret ways to ALWAYS get suppliers to respond to you

How to make sure they are legit

7 Working with Suppliers

Which products will work for you

How to open accounts with suppliers

How to get their products

How to make an educated buying decision

Logistics, how to get your supplier to ship directly to amazon

8 Building relationships with suppliers

Overview of building a relationship

Why they will take anyone’s business

How to build a relationship with suppliers

Benefits of building a relationship

All the new opportunities created

9 Updating

Ungating Overview

How to Get Ungated in Any Main Category

How to Get Ungated in Any Sub-Category

How to Get Ungated in Any brand

How to Apply invoices correctly

10 Conclusion

Bringing it all together


All You Need To Do In Your Business

Keep It Simple

Tracking Course Updates

And don’t forget, you’re also getting these two bonus modules…