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My watch list has been developed over time to find the markets that have an uncanny knack for diverging from the rest and taking off to the moon, leaving the other markets eating their dust.

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PREVIOUSLY ONLY AVAILABLE AT MY LIVE SEMINARS. Now you can save time and money because for the first time you can get these advanced strategies in the convenient and economical format of this new home study course.

My first 2 trading courses give you the basics of my methodology and provide the foundation for all of my more advanced techniques.

Now that you’ve been through those 2 courses, you’re ready to start learning the more advanced material.

In this course you’ll learn about 2 more “energies” we trade which were not covered in Courses 1 or 2:

Relative Strength.
If you’re eager to learn more high-level professional trading approaches, then this is the package for you.

WARNING: This is definitely not for newbie traders!

In this course you will learn:

The advantages of Swing Trading over Day Trading.
Advanced Support/Resistance techniques.
Trading GAPS – how to know if they will close or if the market will take off like a bat out of h*** in the direction of the gap.
Money management mastery.
How to diversify for maximum profits and minimum risk.
How to employ position sizing to protect against big losses so you can trade cool as a cucumber.
How to trade the news.
Trading with volume (you’ll get a TRUCK LOAD of information about volume in this course).
The 7 volume patterns I trade.
The 2 volume indicators I use, and most importantly, precisely HOW I use them.
How to find the best markets to trade.
How to know which markets will drift up, and which will EXPLODE to the upside for huge and ultra fast profits.
How to scan the market for the exact setups taught in Foundations 1 and 2.
How to trade stress-free by hedging your positions like the pros.
3 strategies spelled out to help protect your positions from the market gaping through your stops. This is disaster insurance, and you need it if you’re going to swing trade.
Who is this course for?

Stock swing traders will receive the most value from this course and be able to utilize every aspect of it.
Futures traders will also benefit from every aspect of the course, other than the stock scanning part of it.
Forex traders will find limited value in this course because they won’t be able to take advantage of the sections on scanning for opportunities or trading volume patterns.
Completion of Foundations Courses 1 and 2 is a pre-requisite for taking this course since it builds on trading setups, indicators and chart patterns presented in those courses.

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