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Alex Fedotoff – Ecommerce Scaling Secrets



Who Else Wants To Scale An Easy, Fun And Lucrative eCommerce

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Who Else Wants To Scale An Easy, Fun And Lucrative eCommerce

Business In 30 Days?

If you’d like to build and scale a profit-producing eCommerce store in just 30 days or less, this is the most important message you’ll ever read.

Dear Friend,

Let’s skip the long intro and cut straight to the chase.

You might have gotten some sales with your eCommerce business. You might have even taken it to 6 or 7-figures.

But what if I told you can scale your store to 7-8 figures without working harder in your business but by working smarter.

Like Sergio, who’s scaled his store from $108K per month to $431K per month in 90 days. And he didn’t have to 4X the hours he’s put into his business.

This is the store I’ve scaled and sold among others.

Coming from Ukraine, the country with an average monthly salary of $140 US dollars, this is fucking big deal (for me at least).

It would have taken me a couple of lifetimes to earn this amount working in my country,

The bottom line is:

eCommerce Is

Transforming People’s Lives

All Around The World

These are just three out of hundreds of case studies.

So I’ve decided to draw the curtains and reveal EVERYTHING.

Exactly What You’re Getting

Every day I get people asking me if I can mentor them and help them build an eCommerce business.

And in the last couple of months, I had to turn down every single one.

I simply don’t have time to help every person individually since I have my own businesses I need to focus on.

And I could care less about launching this product.

My businesses generate multiple 7- figures in profit but it doesn’t come from SELLING INFORMATION but from our eCommerce projects and agency clients we work with. I don’t need to teach this stuff to make money, but I’m willing to make time for it to help you build and scale your own store.

I’ve decided to put an end to this flood of daily questions by hosting this eCommerce scaling class for everyone who wants.

That way everyone who’s truly interested in scaling an insanely profitable eCommerce store can do exactly that, in 30 days or less …by taking a massive shortcut, without getting your bank account sucked dry from ineffective and incorrectly set up Facebook ads and newbie mistakes.

And at the same time, I can scare everyone away who’s not serious enough about scaling eCommerce business and stop getting harassed by “time vampires”.

So I’m solving two problems at the same time.

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