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Begin and Scale 7-Determine eCommerce Enterprise in 60 Days. Assured.
(with out losing some huge cash on testing merchandise, with out guessing easy methods to goal consumers and even should you aren’t technical individual)

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Why Facebook Ads and Funnels Blueprint is the most detailed and no B.S. training on the planet that GETS results…
Facebook Ads and Funnels Blueprint
8-Week Facebook Ads Training Transformational Program That Will Help You Build Hyper-Profitable Business
The reason 99% of Shopify dropshipping businesses never generate more than $100 a day in profit for their owners is that they mess up any of these elements. You will become a master of Facebook advertising and eCommerce and will be able to generate profitable sales for any business.

You will be able to spot winning products with 99% certainty without losing money on ads and expensive testing.

I will personally help you to get all these elements right and start making $100- $1000 a day pure profit with predictability and confidence.

We will have 2X QA Sessions weekly where you can ask any questions. You also will have full email access to me and can ask any questions.

Here’s the structure of our training:

WEEK 1 – E-commerce Blueprint Overview + Hyper Profitable Product / Niche Selection

We will review the structure of this program and the main elements you need to succeed. I will show you step-by-step how to find products that will sell amazingly with 99% confidence that have super high margins. This by itself will put you ona fast track to success. While others will be testing dozens of products wasting weeks and months and thousands of dollars, you will become profitable in the first 1-7 days and after that scale fast to maximize profits!

WEEK 2 – Mastering Automated Marketing Systems and LTV so you increase your profit margins by 100% – 300%. This is the mandatory element of any successful ecommerce business. You will be able to generate a lot of money without spending a dime on Facebook ads. And this is critical to create a sustainable business.

WEEK 3 – Common AOV Best Practices so You Position Your Store For Success.

You will be making more from each order and customer. So even if you spend more on ads, you will still be making a profit!

WEEK 4 – Cross-Selling and Up selling Mastery. Increase your AOV by 20% – 100% so each customer makes you more money. The best apps to maximize your profits!

The result of this part will be few dollars of profit from each order. That means you can easily make $100 – $1000 a day profit when you will be driving FB traffic to your store.

WEEK 5 – Mastering Conversions. We will make sure we boost your commerce conversion rate to the maximum and setup automated systems that sell for you!

Screw this part and your business will fail. I will help you to create highly converting website that people will LOVE buying from. That will increase your profits and ROI from each dollar you spend on ads.

WEEK 6 – Customer Acquisition Strategies. We will master Facebook + Instagram advertising for eCommerce. From the guy who spent $8 mil. on Facebook ads over the last 3 years

You will become top 1% of all Facebook advertisers by learning from me personally. All the targeting secrets, high converting ad tips and tricks that MAJORITY of people will never find out and will feed Facebook with their money with nothing in return. But you will know and will be able to generate BUYER traffic on demand for any product.

WEEK 7 – Customer acquisition tactics. Funnels, ads breakdown, tools to shortcut success.

Small shortcuts that will help you make more money faster and easier. I will share insights that multi-millionaires use in their funnels so you can apply it to our store and increase profits!

WEEK 8 – Scaling and automation. Hiring rockstar contractors, outsourcing the work and scaling to millions.

Money without lifestyle isn’t very exciting because you will burn yourself OUT. So I will show you how to work less and make more by hiring TOP professionals for cheap and let them help your business grow. Systems, checklists and templates to manage your highly profitable business in just few hours a day.