Advance Stock Trading (Short term, Swing and Long term)
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Advance Stock Trading (Short term, Swing and Long term)



Discover and Master Chart Language. The Secret to How to Earn Big in The Market Revealed!

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Are you searching for highly successful techniques in the market? Or if you have any, are you still wondering why did you always lose in the market? You had attended a lot of expensive classes and seminars but still not getting the results that you are desire? In this course, you will discover 3 Master Secrets in Trading:

Secret No.1: Advance Basic Trading and Investing in The Stock Market series education videos worth $87

This include the Essential Basic Trading knowledge that everyone need to discover in order to be success in the Stock Market. It will give students a deep insight on the financial market.

This course contents consist 19 ESSENTIAL Educational Videos on how the best way to start your trading career.

Secret No 2: How to Master Chart Reading series education videos course worth $197

This is the cream of the course where the secret of Success Chart Reading Pattern will be reveal to you. I had been using this for myself for many many years and be profitable in the market abundantly. Now, I believe that this strategy is kinda new for you but actually it has being used by a few in this world, where a lot of them were the legendary successful traders.

Upon discovering this new techniques, you will amaze of your new level of ability and capability in recognizing charts behavior and pattern regarding on Seller and Buyer sentiment analysis, hence will better serve you in analyzing chart skill, either to be profitable from the market nor to protect you from any major losses.

The course include the secret of:

i) the Concept of Supply and Demand and How it manifest in Technical Chart (Backbone of the Technical Analysis)

ii) Compare Aggressiveness of Buyer and Seller in the market for buying or shorting opportunities

iii) Discovering the Price-Trend Analysis

iv) Discovering of the concept of Power analysis

v) The Secret of Marobuzu Candle

vi) Fibonacci Analysis

Secrets No 3: How to Protect Yourself from any Major Downward Potential and Having a consistent result in the Market (Priceless)

i) Trading Plan: Article (Part 1)

ii) Trading Plan: Article (Part 2)

iii) #FREE TRADING JOURNAL TEMPLATE (Excel) to record your trading activities

# Bonus 1: Discover How You can Earn Big Learning from This Patterns worth $137

i) Bottom Reversal Pattern Analysis

ii) Continuation Pattern

iii) Speculation Pattern

iv) More Patterns Will be added from time to time (Priceless)

# Bonus 2 : Live Chart Analysis worth $79

i) Live Chart Analysis on Supply and Demand, Price Trend and Power Analysis

ii) Live Chart Analysis of How To Analyze with Higher Accuracy by the Power and Price Trend Analysis Combination

#Bonus 3 : E-Book Guideline on How To Win The Stock Market Game worth more…..

(Download at the first video course attachment)

Double Bonuses:

#Bonus 4: Emotional Control Topic (Activity)

Who this course is for:
Anyone who want to Master The Skill of Chart Reading(Any Chart!)
Anyone who want to Make Extra Passive Income by Mastering The Simple Techniques!