Ad Skills Team – Bulletproof Twitter Ads
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Ad Skills Team – Bulletproof Twitter Ads



Learn how to exploit the unspoken goldmine of Twitter ads. If you love FB ads, then you’re going to love Twitter ads too.

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Bulletproof Twitter Ads
Learn how to exploit the unspoken goldmine of Twitter ads. If you love FB ads, then you’re going to love Twitter ads too.
7 Reasons Why You’ll Like Twitter Ads More Than FB Ads…
For starters, they don’t change the rules or interface every month.

Also, you don’t get shut down with no explanation and no way to get help. Over at Twitter it’s easy to get in touch with an ad rep.

You might be thinking, but FB has the best targeting.

That used to be true. Back in 2012!

Today, though everyone has the same targeting options as FB ads. You can upload your email list to make custom audiences (they call it tailored audiences).

You can make lookalike audiences, you can target by interest, keyword, behavior, hashtag, location, or any profile in the system. Yes, you heard me right. Even if your competitors have a small following you can still target their followers. Unlike FB where sometimes you just can’t target some fan pages.

Oh and you can even do retargeting with Twitter.

Seriously, it’s the same as FB, but better. For example, did you know that 48% of adults on Twitter earn over $75,000 per year?

48% of U.S. Adults on Twitter Make $75,000+

If you really analyze those stats, Twitter’s not THAT much different than FB.

Except they are.

You can’t target your ads by #hashtag on FB. You can’t set your campaigns to show a new ad based on if someone saw or clicked your previous ad. You also can’t target ALL of your competitors on FB, but you can on Twitter.

Who needs joint venture partners or affiliates when you can just target their audience. I haven’t asked anyone to promote my products in years. I don’t need too. If I want to reach their audience, I just whip up a Twitter ad that I know they’ll love and target all their followers. No begging, no commissions, no big prizes, just easy money.

On Twitter you can target journalists with your press release.

You can target employers with your resume.

You can even take over conference/seminar #hashtags by targeting anyone who uses that #hashtag with your ads.

What about video ads or lead ads? Yep, you can do that on Twitter too. In fact, Twitter had that BEFORE FB.

There Is One BIG Problem With Twitter Ads Though
If you don’t setup your campaigns the right way, or create your ads the right way, you could end up paying $2.00+ per click.

But, I can show you how to get cheap clicks on Twitter. I’ll show you how to do it in my course. I’ll show you all of my best Twitter ads strategies in my course.

Ad Skills Team
The Ad Skills team has 10 years (30 years combined) of online advertising experience with pro-level skills in Direct Response Copywriting, Conversion Optimization and most importantly, Media Buying