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6 Figure Affiliate Bootcamp Review

You might know Liam James Kay from his Youtube channel titled “Making a Millionaire.” He’s now created a course called the 6 figure Affiliate Bootcamp at $697 which will be the focus of our review today. 

First for those not familiar with Liam let’s talk about who he is and why he even created this course. In his channel he talks about how he wants to become a millionaire by the time he turns 30. He also states that he doesn’t know how to get there. This message was written over a year ago. Now he has a course. So essentially you’re buying a course from a guy that claimed he didn’t know what he was doing a year ago, now he has a course?

Hey, not saying it would be foolish to buy it, but it just seems a bit rushed. Could this be one of the ways in which it will help him to become a millionaire, by selling his course?

His course includes all the strategies that has made him 6 figures in 12 months. It includes affiliate marketing training, personal branding, how to set up a Youtube channel, how to rank videos, free & paid traffic strategies, etc. 

Here are Some of the Modules in the Course:

There is a total number of 82 videos in his course. Without going into too much detail, let’s run through what you get in the modules above.

In the first module, Are you ready to lift off, you’ll get a welcome video which is pretty typical of most courses. There’s also a video that explains what affiliate marketing is so if you know already, you can skip this one.

The Millionaire Mindset section thankfully is not large with just a couple videos as well. He’s got the right attitude when it comes to mindset as the ones that succeed have initiative and are laser focused which he tells well. There’s a video on goal setting and shows you how to structure your goals moving forward.

In Choosing your Niche there’s just one video which gets straight to the point on how to choose a niche. However, this should be a large section in my opinion with different angles on how to approach this like you’ll get like in Savage Affiliates,

The following module teaches you how to Build Your Brand. He discusses personal branding which involves putting yourself out there. He says that you’ll be more successful this way and I both agree and disagree with his opinion. There are many successful people that can earn 6 figures without having to brand themselves when it comes to affiliate marketing. If you build a few authority sites all with a personna that brings in tens of thousands of views a month, you could easily do 6 figures without any personal branding.

So for those of you that are squirmish obout getting your face out there, don’t worry because you don’t have to. However, when it comes to Youtube, then yes, you will be more successful this way. Thankfully Youtube is just one way to market products with affiliate marketing.

The next module, Finding the Ultimate Affiliate Products you’ll get a list of products he currently promotes. He’s heavy into Builderall, Clickfunnels, Get Response, The Wealthy Affiliate (stay away from this course please) Fiverr, Udimi and more. 

He has other videos in this section that show you how to find products with low competition, videos on Clickbank, Warriorplus and Max Bounty.

This module is rather lightweight and doesn’t go into as much detail as I would like it to. It’s also pretty typical training when comparing it to most affiliate marketing courses so nothing really ground breaking here.

Sales Funnels – In this module you’ll learn about topics like the psychology behind sales funnels, He recommends Builderall over Clickfunnels which is a cheaper option but is just not as effective as Clickfunnels in my opinion. Liam admits to this as well. You’ll also get a walkthru of a simple and viral sales funnel and email sales funnel how he promoted Builderall.

Email Marketing – In this module you’ll learn how to set up and understand the psychology of email marketing. He does recommend Getresponse which I also recommend as it’s a great platform with fantastic chat support. 

Youtube Marketing – This is Liam’s favorite traffic source and it’s no wonder because he does like to be on camera. Remember if you are going to do well on Youtube, you need to put yourself out there. It’s an easy way to make passive income if you have no issues with getting on camera.

This module shows you how to create a channel, how to grow it, how to make good videos, how to rank on the first page of Google and Youtube, etc. 

Facebook Marketing – This is split up into two sections for both paid and free traffic strategies. The free traffic focuses on Facebook Groups while the paid section shows you how to set up your ads on the platform.  The paid section is actually taught by someone else other than Liam himself.

Google Ads – In this module Liam shows you how to use Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords) to make money with affiliate marketing. 

Topics include ad structure and account setup, how to create ads properly, keyword research, retargeting pixel, negative keywords, etc. 

This module is decent and gives you a good overview on how to set up Google Ads to make affiliate commissions. Keep in mind you will need a budget for this and will have to understand that not every campaign will be successful.

Solo Ads – Solo ads are taught in this section and shows you how to find people that sell solo ads. If you don’t know what this is, it’s basically people that have built a large email list where they will send out an email on your behalf that will include your offer.

The platform he disusses is Udimi. There are other platforms out there as well but it’s just this one that he focuses on. Solo Ads are good, but don’t do this until you have tested your offer elsewhere. 

Over the Shoulder Blueprints – In this section Liam takes you through how he looks for products, finds a product to sell followed by the type of promotion he will use and how he markets it as well. It’s good training if you want to see a practical example of how the process is done.

Final Thoughts on the 6 Figure Affiliate Bootcamp

Overall, I think this is a decent course that gives you some good strategies on how to become successful in affiliate marketing.

What I found was lacking was the SEO component. Understanding how to find low competition products and how to rank these products via SEO will set you up for passive income where there is minimal amount of effort later. With the strategies that he puts in place you’d have to constantly be marketing through either free strategies or through paid advertising.


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